The family research of


 (11.Mar /2003)

After the past results of my search the family Mistelbacher might have their origin in the Muehlviertel/Oberoesterrreich and is mentioned for the first time in the area by Reichenau/OOe around 1652.

After three generations they settled in Riedegg/OOe (with Gallneukirchen) and Bad-Zell/OOe. Around 1750 the family distributed itself in different close convenient places and cities such as Gutau, Wragwein, Wels and Linz in Upper Austria as well as Persenbeug in Lower Austria. In addition, there are very many emigrants (1930) in Canada.

At present I could provide a family tree with approximately 450 connected persons over 11 generations. In sum there is however already 1000 persons whereby the majority of the living families not yet to be seized could.

In the course of the time there were the most diverse ways of writing, whereby the versions Mistlbacher and Mistelbacher arose most frequently.

In addition, there are still different variations: Mistlbachner, Mistelbachner, Misselbacher, Miesselbacher, Mischelbacher

The ancestor research of Karl Friedrich Mistlbacher 1926-1933

Mr. Karl Friedrich collected very much data of the family Mistelbacher and into a family tree registered. With these data I could bring finally  unknown branches in connection with the ancestors of family.

That seen material covers:

-  a 2 meter long family tree of its line. Unfortunately details are missing to the persons (all numerical data are only annual details).

-         a pie chart of the direct ancestors

-       a copy of a letter fragment to relatives, which developed during his searches

-         the photocopy of coat of arms of the "Herren von Mistelbach"

-         one very beautifully graphically worked history of the aristocracy sex

- a kind "Hymne" to the aristocracy sex of the Mistelbeck

The possible connection to the aristocracy sex of the "Herren von Mistelbach"

Karl Friedrich Mistlbacher assumed with large conviction, that the family  descends from the aristocracy sex of the "Herren von Mistelbach" (Mistelbach with Bayreuth/FRG), which I could not confirm however up to now.

His son Ingo, I had visited in Wels, told me that some of his documents was already lost. Holy Otto I. of Pommern is historically proven belonged to the noble-free of Mistelbach (ended 1218 with Friedrich II of Mistelbach) and a low aristocracy became extinct of the 1563 with the death of Hans Christoph of Mistelbach.

With the examinations of its results I could determine the following:

-                     1560 an ancestor was allegedly involved to the fire of the monastery Reichersberg/OOe, but happened however without foreign effect in the year 1624.

-                     the family took its origin Reichenau and not in Riedegg

In addition, there are aristocracy sexes with the designation "Herren von Mistelbach" since 900 in Mistelbach/Lower Bavaria and in the city Mistelbach/Lower Austria since the 11.Jhdt.

Church books

In the concerned places in upper Austria Pfarrbuecher already exist church books starting from the 17th century. The Mormonen filmed these starting from 1819 and you can order them for insight. From the on-line data base of the Mormonen ( I have the information of the origin in Reichenau about Bad Zell until Tragwein.

Index books of the Mr. Heider Josef

In the 80's Mr. Josef Heider made a index of the old church books of the Muehlviertel until 1780. These books rest upon in the OOe national archives and are filmed by the Mormonen. They are a good basis to the more exact search in the old church books.

Books of local history and geography

I bought different books of local history and geography. There are partially house chronicles described, wich go back even in the 13.Jhdt (Bad Zell, Tragwein, Gutau, Reichenau, Alberndorf, Hirschbach, Ottenschlag).

„Mistelbach“ designated settlement near Reichenau


There is a settlement near Reichenau "Mistelbach" with two large, next to each other lying farms. The house names of the yards are "Lex" (derived from Alexander Mistlbauer) and "Mistlbauer".

I received the following information from the experienced homeland researcher Mr. Thumfart Josef from Reichenau:

1545 is already mentioned a single farmstead "Mistelbach", which divided itself still 1600 ago on two yards.

The owners of the first four generations on these yards called themselves "in the Mistelbach" and then (~1650) "Mistlbauer".

It is probable that one person pulled from Mistlbach, called himselve Mistlbacher, and at the yard remain-end family called itself "Mistlbauer". The familiy in Reichenau lived then on a small yard at the Seydlberg.

Contact with other "Mistelbacher" families

With a simple telephone list, whose entries I took out of the electronic directories in the InterNet, I already contacted nearly all persons appearing therein.

There are still many other families, I could not link to my ancestors:

- Fam. Franz Mistelbacher in Tragwein with origin in Hirschbach

- A family in Oberzirking with origin Marreith near Gutau

-   Fam. Engelbert Mistlbacher in Leonding and Hugo Mistlbacher/Attnang Puchheim with origin in Reichenthal (around 1750)

-  Fam. Mistelbacher in Krottendorf (8-Kinder) near Haag

-  Fam. Karl Mistlbacher in Traun (origin?)

-  Fam. Franz and Ferdinand Mistelbacher in Vienna with origin in Strengberg

- Othmar Mistelbacher in Pöggstall (Amstetten?)

- Karl Mistelbacher in Ansfelden